How do you plan to get in your own way?

Knowing your strengths & harnessing them are two different beasts.

Pivot from a generic understanding of leadership to discern
designing your path in alignment with your x factor.

Discover proven ways to cooperate with your intentions
at work, home & in community.

Bring out your best & the best in others.

Self Leadership Coaching

What would thrill you to create in next 90 days?
Align with your priorities, strengths & standards.

Melt resistance. Befriend your judge-y self. Raise happiness set-point.
Practice presence & authentic voice.
Receive customized ways to advance what matters most to you -
no matter the challenges or constraints.

A future facing playbook you'll enjoy testing out for yourself;
over time it's proven to bring out your best & the best in others.

Fall in love with your unfolding path.  
An honor to show you how.

Reach out.
Workshops & Phased Engagements

Interpersonal dynamics are the backstory of great outcomes.

Receive interactive team/individual Strength Profiles
& a generative, trust building peer-to-peer 360 framework.
Discovering what makes your peers tick & gaining insight
into their challenges builds empathy.

Give voice to a diversity of talent for inclusion:
know when/how to step up or step back.

Receive tools for the challenges naturally arising
when people of conviction work against themselves,
their strengths or each other advancing mission-in-common.

Create your greatest return by providing people
the deep satisfaction of making progress in their lives & work.

Catalyze what the team is gifted at. Our ethos:
productive communication is a 21st century business imperative.

Reach out.