Knowing your strengths & directing them are two different beasts.
Architect a professional/personal path to your liking.
Enjoy getting there.

Leadership Presence

What would thrill you to create in the next 90 days?

Discover highly individualized ways
to self-organize around your priorities.
Create your best work/life fit.

Align with your core strengths, then
discover what to do when you get in your own way.
No matter the challenges.

As an experienced coach
I have a knack for swiftly getting you in motion
on what matters most to you now.

Raise your happiness set-point acting on your vision.

Reach out.
Productive Communication
Team SuperPowers
Meaningful 360's  

Discover uncomplicated ways to meet the challenges
naturally arising when people of conviction
work against each other, themselves or their strengths
advancing mission.

Discover what makes your team tick & build trust
through our highly customized SuperPowers Profile.
Gaining insight into someone's constraints creates empathy.

Thrive in a proven, respectful
Peer-to-Peer 360 for honest feedback & clarity.
(Especially if you are conflict averse).

Give voice to a diversity of talent;
provide ways for introverts to
honor their great ideas using authentic voice.

Create your greatest return by providing people
the deep satisfaction of making progress
in their lives & work.

Reach out.