Wonder Amplified Through Rigor

Ideation skills. People skills. Gardening.
We all have talent; the puzzle is directing it in beneficial ways.

Knowing your SuperPowers & communicating them
are two different beasts.

Imagine ways of utilizing your talents so they align
with the incredible outcomes you desire.

That's what E L L E V A T E  provides:
a proven playbook of frameworks, prompts, intuitive tools
to enjoy testing out in everyday life.

Design is a change methodology &
coaching is a mode of transport.
The joy of creative agency getting there.


What would thrill you to create in the next 90 days or this coming year?
Lead by letting your talents lead.

I have a knack for gently, swiftly breaking down walls
so your intrinsic direction surfaces organically.
Melt resistance; become concordant.

Self-organize around priorities.
Calibrate work/life fit.
Design transitions, no matter the constraints.
When talent is fully realized leadership is a natural outcome.

Move in a step-by-step vector towards your vision.
Design thinking for everyday.

Reach out.
Live Exchange 360™
Generative Communication

You know better than most:
your team possesses a diversity of talent & communication styles.
Discover ways to meet the challenges naturally arising
when people of conviction
work together.

Move from mediocre to articulated genius.
Find out what makes your team tick & how to bring out their best
through the SuperPowers framework from my forthcoming book.

Engage Live Exchange 360™
for giving & receiving respectful feedback
(even if you are conflict averse).

Honor introverts' great ideas
& unique communication styles.

Create your greatest return by providing people
the deep satisfaction of making progress
in their lives & work.

Reach out.