Your team culture
its challenges & Strengths are unique.
our flexible approach Builds on what is working.

What would thrill you to create in next 90 days?

What makes you & your team tick?

Able to course correct on the fly using your unique strengths?

Sometimes the most insightful person in the room isn't speaking up. Or, however well intended, one voice dominates. Or, your speaking doesn't do justice to what an amazing listener you are. Or, you stumble expressing too many ideas at get the picture...the list is endless. The beauty & constraint of communication is its plasticity: we can shape professional/personal identity through simple everyday conversations - nothing fancy.

We've been testing our original approach to generative* communication with business clients, educators, MBA students & musicians for 10 years now so
you can bank on proven ways to unknot daily communication managing up,
down or sideways.  Our ethos: respectful communication is a 21st century business imperative.

Discover uncomplicated ways to own your geeky, nerdy, distinct communication style. Discover & gain agility with your unique conflict style amidst the
squabbles naturally arising when people of conviction work together.

Designing backwards, outcomes arise as a result of the quality of feedback
you receive. Participate in our "Yaven 360 Peer-to-Peer Feedback Loop”:
evoke trust & clarity giving & receiving honest feedback while respecting difference. Experience the freedom to practice new behaviors in collaboration
to dial back negative stress ( & thrive in the productive kind ) advancing projects.

Provide talented introverts ways to share their great ideas & land messages honoring authentic voice with colleagues, clients & customers. Have conversations you only imagined. Change someone's mind. Contribute to someone's growth.         

Generative: relating to or capable of production
Generative communication moves in a vector towards your aim. With affinity.
It's helpful to ask: What next action &/or mood does any conversation, mindset
or post free up for others - and yourself?

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Glad to share how our suite of services will serve your culture's mission.
A combo of interactive teamwork, one to one coaching & follow-up.
Perfect for off-sites & retreats.

Raise group affinity through practical learning for immediate application.
Individual/group inner genius
Squandering talent is more common than you think. Your talents aren't going anywhere: like barking dogs they stress you - & those around you - until maximizing your potential becomes routine.

We provide ways to orchestrate your team into a talent force. Ours is an individualized approach to group work producing distributed leadership*.
The result? People can count on opportunities to test out their best self;
well-being is made operational.

Receive granular insight into your own & others' strengths from my forthcoming book "Unmanaging: The User's Guide to Me". Identify what life feels like when
you work against yourself & discover customized pivots attuned to your specific strengths.

Strengths & vulnerability go hand in hand. Learn to manage any emotional trigger behaviors showing up working alongside others. Discover integrity based ways
to clue people in on your challenges to enhance affinity. Get the hang of someone else's strengths to create agile ways of working together. Uncover the hidden strengths of the team & the individuals on it.

In ELLEVATING group affinity team culture flourishes: right action is propelled, rapport is created & the resiliency required to meet wicked problems is developed. At the heart of any group is one individual; when you rise the team rises.
* Distributed leadership. As a coach guiding business teams & music bands
in competitive environments I appreciate their parallels:

Team/band members step up or back as needed serving a through line of mission/motif. There is respect for individual know-how & trust in another's
ability to bring it. No matter the backstory, people have each other's backs performing when it counts.

Distributed leadership is an agile framework for a whole team of individuals
to excel activating their specific skills-sets as a project, conversation, unfolding strategy or performance requires.

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Glad to share how our suite of services will serve your culture's mission.
A combo of interactive teamwork, one to one coaching & follow-up.
Perfect for off-sites & retreats.

Raise group affinity through practical learning for immediate application.
3  Executive COACHINg
personal knowledge systems
What's your favorite form of getting in your own way? We all have one ;)  

Let's put your unique strengths & authentic voice to work on a vision for
yourself, your crew, your community. Walk your unmatchable footprint.
You deserve a sounding board who has your back living into your possible/preferred future aligned with your values, vision & spirit.

Together we architect a personalized archive of practices, actions & conducive ways of reflecting for the outcomes you desire.

To be perfectly honest, as an experienced coach adept at maximizing people's strengths,  I love having clients live into their potential. I am at home swiftly customizing steps for you to organically self-organize around your priorities
for clear direction & confidence as a decision maker.

Learn everyday practices taking self care up a notch no matter what else is
on your plate. We'll show you ways to develop a design thinking mindset to
meet challenges with grit, resilience and composure.

I confess though my coach style is not in your face I do mean business (we're serious but have fun). We hit the ground running: at the first session receive customized actions you'll enjoy taking between our conversations. Return to celebrate victories & the mess ups putting sharpened skills to work.

Cultivate leadership presence & personal brand in a timely way. Accelerating
& acting on insight changes everything - professionally, personally and in community. Am happy to add, clients share their learning has continuing resonance far into their bright futures.
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Be in touch; am glad to answer any questions you may have & fill in all the details.
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