“Self management is the main elegance.”
                              - Emerson
-Mohammed Ali
            Learning by doing is at the heart of design.


Leadership dynamics through a design thinking lens.
Flourish in a just right mix of individual & team learning
A favorite path .
Our Flexible Approach
There's no stopping a team in sync with each other.
No one knows a team's culture like the people in it.
While business requires speed catching your breathe
to upgrade how you communicate is a game changer.

There's no stopping a team in sync with each other.
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Knots in conversations stressing you or team? 

Where are you on the distrust....trust spectrum?

How often do you celebrate even small wins?  
Truth be told, accomplishment and self-awareness are two different beasts. You can get there in style or fraught with interpersonal pain. Do it with less collateral damage.  

Companies work intensely to hit their mark yet can waste human capitol by neglecting the nature of daily conversations. A messy build-up of unproductive stress and moods of confusion take over.  

Rather create credibility as a collaborator, presenter, listener and leader. Own your quirky, geeky, distinctive communication style. Generate, restore or repair trust working with others in the face of wicked problems.  


Give people fresh ways to manage their leadership style. Experience  satisfaction knowing how to step up or back in the heat of it. Or meet conversational challenges as they arise with poise to avoid potential pitfalls.  

Provide talented introverts ways to share their great ideas, present or interface with clients and colleagues honoring authentic voice.

Gain insight into reading a room, a conversation or a strategy as it unfolds. Have conversations you never imagined possible. Change someone’s mind. Contribute to someone’s growth.  

Engage in “The Yaven 360” - a clear protocol for giving and receiving honest feedback. Because it respects diverse communication styles it evokes trust. Benefit from landing your message while building affinity.  

Engender “We are in this together” - the back-story of great results. We live in a time when productive communication is a 21st century business imperative.
2. tHE strengths HUB 
What makes the diverse talent on your team tick?

In what frequency/mood do people work?

Do you have ways to course correct action
on the fly – in congruence with your strengths?  
At the heart of any team is one individual; when they rise your team rises.

Find out what makes your team and its diverse talent tick. Receive granular understanding of individual & whole group strengths from my forthcoming book “Unmanaging: The Behavioral Application of Insight”.  

Sometimes you have to practice a long time to play your best self; I have a knack for cutting that time short. Our sustainable approach accelerates the upside of how we relate to one another.  

While knowing your strengths is helpful we go a bit further. Identify how you get in your own way (we all do) to pivot on the fly. Learn specific interpersonal practices to keep your side of the street clean.  

Discover the trigger behaviors associated with your strengths to dial back stress. And produce less hassles for those around you.  

Feed your artisan tendencies by integrating strategy and empathy, analysis and adaptability. Uncover the resonant power – both pro and con - of hidden strengths.  

We are most optimistic with ways to effortlessly embody what we are naturals at. Get it done on time, at budget and in style to savor the win.
3. EXecutive coaching
What would thrill you to create in the next 90 days?

How do you describe your leadership presence?

What is your own just right ratio of work-life fit?
I am an experienced coach working with a private roster of clients keen on positive change. Our work together is highly individualized, results based and future facing. Gift yourself time to develop what matters most to you. Live into your preferred vision for your best life.

Start a company, project or way of being in the world. Refine what you already love doing.
Curate your path to organically self organize around your priorities. Melt any resistance holding you back from your next great adventure. Deepen confidence as a decision maker.

Leverage your unique strengths, leadership & communication style - quirks & all. Receive customized practices & uncomplicated strategies for everyday grace & humor in the midst of all you are up to in your busy life.

Develop an appreciative mindset. Practice better self-care. Discover ways to unplug for happier self-connection. 

Do you as a leader. When you invest in yourself everything changes.
My pleasure to co-partner with you on this practical & poetic learning adventure.
Start now.
Just say hi. Be in touch for an informational phone chat - have any questions answered. Learn the details of which coach package options makes sense for living into your vision.

We meet at our light filled studio, on-site or by phone. I've worked with clients in Australia, Austria and Austen, Texas. Northern California too.
Individual, Duo & Team Sessions
Individual, Duet & Team Sessions
360 Feedback
Team Sessions
Reflection in Action
 One to One & Duet Coaching
If our integrity based approach sounds like it might make sense be in touch:                     e-mail or text to arrange an informational phone chat.

We'll answer any questions and share about how what we do                                      may facilitate what you are up to now and next.