“Self management is the main elegance.”
                              - Emerson
-Mohammed Ali
            Learning by doing is at the heart of design.
A favorite path .
When you rise your crew rises.

Our ethos: work as an opportunity 
to develop strengths, strategy & "soft skills".

A proven design thinking methodology 
to bring out your best & the best in others.
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A Master Class for Individuals, Duo's & Teams 
Learn what makes the people around you tick.

Identify whole team/individual strengths, then receive granular insight, from my forthcoming book,
about each one. Discover specific ways to pivot when out of sync. Course correct collaboration
in the moment and on the fly.

While you may have a sense of your own (and others') strengths discover a level of precision for high performance in action. Directing your strengths leads to organic brand development. Discover how.
LIVE EXCHANGE: "Soft skills" in action
A Master Class for Teams
Unknot everyday communication - nothing fancy - for higher toned relationships and results.

Respect diverse temperaments managing up, down or sideways. Provide understated introverts ways 
to advocate and present their great ideas honoring authentic voice.

Given the challenges naturally arising when people of conviction work together, have conversations
you never thought possible. Change someone's mind. Contribute to someone's growth.

Unleash team magic through an interactive playbook of uncomplicated strategies, insightful prompts, intuitive tools, new vocabularies, creative disruptions & 360 peer-to-peer feedback.

This communication methodology has proven itself with clients in the innovation/tech/creative sector -
a "poke-holes-in-it" crew by nature. So called "soft skills" are subtle actions creating exponential opportunity.
Self-Mastery . PURPOSE
Customized Coach Packages for Individuals & Duo's
Gift yourself time to replenish, design and act on the higher order outcomes you desire.
I am honored to coach a private roster of clients who value self-inquiry as a smart way
to invest in their vision.

Each coach package jumpstarts by diving into your strengths: receive highly individualized
actions you'll enjoy testing out each day to embed your best self - at work, home and in life.

Melt resistance. Self-organize around your priorities. Practice better self-care.
Flourish in a step-by-step method of granular insight to un-cloud your purpose with accuracy.
Celebrate the mess-ups and the small - and grand - wins.

Invite a business/romantic partner to join you on this learning adventure.  We meet in person in Kensington,
just north of Berkeley, on-site or by phone. Say hello: Calendar an informational phone chat, have any questions you may have answered and learn the delish details.
Individual, Duo & Team Sessions
Individual, Duet & Team Sessions
360 Feedback
Team Sessions
Reflection in Action
 One to One & Duet Coaching
If our integrity based approach sounds like it might make sense be in touch:                     e-mail or text to arrange an informational phone chat.

We'll answer any questions and share about how what we do                                      may facilitate what you are up to now and next.