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We meet you where you are.

Bring out your best & the best in others.
Sometimes an insightful person in the room isn't speaking up. Or, however well intended, one voice dominates. Or, your speaking doesn't do justice to what an incredible listener you are. Or, you stumble expressing too many ideas at once...you get the picture...the list is endless.

Discover ways to shape communicative presence through simple everyday conversations - nothing fancy. Our ethos: respectful communication is a 21st century business imperative.

Our wholistic communication method has been tested with business clients,  MBA students & musicians for 10 years so you can bank on proven ways to create clear communication - & build a culture of trust - managing up, down or sideways.  

Embody your quirky, understated, over the top &/or distinct communication style for more productive outcomes. Gain agility using your unique conflict style amidst the squabbles naturally arising when people of conviction work together.

Engage " The Yaven 360” a respectful feedback framework for giving & receiving honest feedback while building trust. Experience the freedom to practice new behaviors in collaboration: dial back useless stress to thrive in the productive sort.

Provide talented introverts ways to share their great ideas & land messages honoring authentic voice with colleagues, clients & customers. Have conversations you only imagined. Change someone's mind. Contribute to someone's growth.
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Individual/group genius
Talent development is the human side of change management.

Yet squandering talent is more common than you think. Like barking dogs, our unattended strengths cause stress to us & those around us until maximizing potential becomes routine.

Receive eye-opening understanding of whole team/individual patterns of behavior from my forthcoming book "The Qualitative Self".  Discover what makes your team tick: how you set direction, make decisions or face the challenges. Experience relief becoming a talent force. 

Rather than work against yourself (it happens often) learn granular ways to self-align.
Sounds paradoxical but our highly individualized practices provide group affinity. Learn integrity based ways to compliment diverse talents while remaining rooted in your own.

Uncover hidden talents you weren't aware of  - pro and con. Make well-being operational. Experience presence of mind & the power of vulnerability/courage.

At the heart of any group is one individual; when they rise the team rises.
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Questions? Glad to share how our work compliments what your up to now & next.
Our flexible approach combines whole group & one to one's. Customize your program as a workshop, retreat or quarterly event.

Practical learning for immediate application where it matters most.
3Executive COACHINg
What's absorbing your attention?
Turn your focus, strengths & leadership presence to what matters most to you now.

Together we design highly individualized practices for clear direction advancing your projects. Develop as a design thinker to meet challenges with resourcefulness, courage & poise.

Self-organize around your priorities for greater confidence as a decision maker. Take self care up a notch no matter what else is on your plate.

To be perfectly honest, as an experienced coach adept at swiftly maximizing your strengths, my wheelhouse is seeing you live into your potential. Our proven method is future facing: at the first session receive customized practices you'll enjoy trying out between sessions. I guide people to develop to their own liking.

Return to celebrate victories & unpack the mess-ups putting sharpened skills to work.
Cultivate presence of mind & personal brand thoughtfully (we're serious but having fun.)

Knowing how to act on your insights changes everything professionally, personally and in community. Am honored to say clients share this learning adventure sustains them long
into the future we've designed together.
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Glad to chat details. Our coach packages fit beautifully into already jam packed calendars.