I work with people driven to invent and lead positive change.  I am a creative and Founder,  Ellevate, a boutique coach agency,  providing an original strength based methodology for productive communication and leadership presence within team cultures.

I am a Certified Coach and Associate Professor & Founding Faculty, MBA Design Strategy California College of the Arts, San Francisco teaching my popular communication course “Live Exchange: Generative Communication".

It is my honor to roll up my sleeves, link arms and work with clients at Apple, Pixar Animation Studios, Google, The World Bank, General Assembly, Fuse Project,  Steelcase,  Capgemini, Gannett, Pearson, Chrysler, Fjord, Samsung, Tomorrow Partners, Intuit, Workday, AutoDesk, Iron Creative Communication, Zoo Labs, Blackboard, The Nature Conservancy, Gensler, Light Sail Energy, Strong Brew, Rootid, Tipping Point Community, Swisscom, Oru Kayak, Full Circle Fund,  Teall Investments and Linked-In.

My wheelhouse is providing interactive presentations on communication & creativity; it has been my pleasure to speak at IDEO, The Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, AIGA, DOD Education Activity, Visual Media Alliance, Blackboard and Harvard.

I have served as Advisor/Documenter for The Making Learning Visible Institute at Harvard and been a consultant for the Education Branch of the Department of Defense on studio critique process.

While I confess I don't play a musical instrument (though music is the backbeat of my life) I have been told I am gifted at coaching music bands on optimizing performance by harnessing their strengths. One musician wrote "Like a swift wind blowing dead leaves from a garden, Elle connects members of a team in a way that leads to new creations and richer relationships".

How do I do this? I leverage 25 years experience as a coach, educator,  hybrid thinker and advisor.

What you won't find out from my credentials is that to this day I have a practice as a painter. Most Mondays and Fridays you will find me in my West Oakland studio ( and have made peace with any guilt about it sometimes being just a day or two).  

For 25 years I have had a meditation practice.

Rapid Knowledge Transfer
”Teach Us Something in 7 Minutes”
MBA Design Strategy student videos, California College of Art