Inner genius + 
          Social Intelligence:  
            Winning Teams



     Rapport + well-being in business.       
          Strengths based professional coach programs rooted in design.

Our methodology:


 Manage ambiguity by managing your strengths.


Distill. Inner genius
is your greatest external asset.


 Flourish advancing what matters  most
to you.

Strengths-based Assessment

 Identify your unique strengths and learn ways to orchestrate each one.  


Thrive in uncomplicated 
strategies you’ll enjoy
trying out at work, home
and daily life.

Design Thinking 

Discover innovation frameworks & exercises to  calibrate  your own rhythm/ratio of thinking, feeling, doing.

Highly Individualized Strategies

Anchor in your unique story, strengths and purpose for positive change .



Leadership Strengths Programs For Individuals 

Private One to One Leadership Strengths & Purpose Coaching 

What is your purpose?

This 10  session program is rooted in design. Take your leadership strengths to the next level. Experience well-being advancing what matters most to you.

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The Heroine’s Journey:
Live into Leadership 

Current program full! 
Join us for Heroine’s Journey 2015. 

Find your own rhythm of fierceness and grace as you develop the next level of your professional identity. Own your story, embody your superpowers and love your life.  

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The Change Agent Project: 
An on-line program

What is the vision you are at work on?

Live into the next level of your leadership strengths through 8 soul catalyzing, super practical sessions rooted in design.

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Leadership Strengths Programs for Organizations

Team Super Powers

What makes your team tick?

Identify your whole team’s strength profile, then learn the specific ways to align diverse talents in collaboration. Thrive in a positive framework as you advance your mission.

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What People Say About Us

“Elle has the ability to strip down the excess and look directly at what matters. She enables our musicians to become the optimal version of themselves. Her “SuperPowers Workshop” leaves people optimistic, transformed and empowered to continue on their path. It is a cornerstone of our program.”

Vinitha Watson
CEO & Founder of Zoo Labs

“Working with Elle was one of the smartest decisions I ever made. She gave me the tools, insight and confidence to pursue a fully engaged and intentional life. Elle crafted a plan to shed past frustrations and define a vision for my purpose-driven future. Most importantly, she ensured my learning would never end by providing a framework for mindful self-reflection. I wholeheartedly recommend Elle.”

James Lane
Innovation Design Manager, AAA

“Elle was a gift to myself. Like many people, I was driven to reach the next level in my career only to find, despite my experience and ability managing large digital teams, I felt like it wasn’t enough. Elle’s insightful coaching facilitated my development and achievements; I am more satisfied, less stressed, and overall happier. This personal confidence shines through to others.”

Mary Sue Dahill
Software Product Management

“I feel distilled, purified, more myself as a result of our work together. I learned to undo the non-essentials so I am lighter in attitude (and weight!) Previously, I carried too much not belonging to me. Now I easily access my purpose.”

Sali Zahir
Design Strategist

“Your work proved to be as transformative as a colleague said it would be. Thank you; your methodology awakened in me a meta-cognitive voice that watches over my words, deeds and presence.”

Ashley Wells
VP Experience Design, Oji Life Labs

“Recently I gave a speech at a Grammy party of 500 people - and was simply myself. The group quieted as I spoke and I received positive feedback. Elle's structured system of goals/routines/patterns is a fantastic paradox of clear distilling points opening tremendous freedom - giving me ways to quickly focus on what I care about and jettison the rest. I experience more poise and power than I ever imagined. I highly recommend you.”

Michael Romanowski
Owner, Michael Romanowski Mastering
President, SF Chapter National Recording Arts & Sciences

“Elle has a gift. It's like she is a reiki master for life -- and career. She’s shown me the pressure points holding me back and how to transform so they're moving me forward. Through her coaching, I’ve come away reset. The same person, but different.”

Sarah Harakumi Thorpe
Video Storytelling, Collaborator

“Even high achievers with self-confidence lose sight of this from time to time. For 10 years I was “successful” as an executive without appreciating how my strengths were caged. Through Elle’s uncomplicated, smart strategies I have clear distinctions and an energetic lens to advance. It’s wonderful to experience more “energetic flow” – with people, ideas and implementation. Thank you!

Beatrice Brack
Director of Human Resources, Swisscom

“As the group discussed each topic I realized it was more deeply thoughtful, wise and creative than I thought possible - as an ideator I appreciated learning something new each session. Your style — open, yet holding us to ground rules kept us engaged. Thank you for your prescient wisdom; this has been a precious time to grow.”

Shannon Sharper
Project Manager, Google